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Voice Termination is a Wholesale VoIP Termination service. Our environment allows customers to access directly, each and every major SIP network. Unlike our competitors, we are completely transparent and provide instant access to over 30 networks, including all major RBOCs, CLECS, Wireless, CableCo, and Rural/Regional providers.



At Voice Termination we challenge the current industry norms by being completely transparent. We provide the environment and access to route calls to vendors in real-time, and access more networks via one source. The VT environment can be used to access individual networks exclusively, or can be used as a LCR engine.

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Why VT

At Voice Termination we address what is most important to ILECs, CLECs, and ITSPs. Price, Quality, Redundancy, Accuracy, Support, And Ease Of Use. Our service offers ALL major interconnects, LRN, and Least Cost Routing capabilities.

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Contact Voice Termination today to speak with our knowledgeable and experienced employees to discuss how we may better your business. No commitments are required so we are motivated to provide a long-term solution to meet your needs.

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Voice Termination Is The Leading Provider Of Wholesale SIP Services