Why Choose Voice Termination?

Carrier Solutions

In order to provide a robust and mission critical solution to the CLEC and ITSP industry, we have to be completely transparent. AT VT we provide a cloud-based proxy environment where customers choose from up to 30 Tier 1 or 2 facilities-based SIP Networks. The solution can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure without any Capex, Opex, or commitments. Instantly and with real-time change capabilities, our customer's gain immediate access to all ROBC, ILEC, Wireless, CableCo, and Rural/Regional interconnects, vastly improving their Least Cost Routing interconnect capabilities.

Best Value

AT VT our customer base of over 200 CLECS create a collective buying environment that drives down rates for each interconnect. By being closer to the OCN owner of each TN dialed, our customer's have a greater cost savings structure to drive down overall call charges while increasing quality.


At VT our mission is to provide an environment where our customer's can choose and change routes in real-time to meet their objectives from a cost, quality, and redundancy perspective. No other provider in the market exposes their interconnects to the customer.

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